Birmingham SKYDIVE

Just what better method to recollect your Birmingham skydive than to re-live it over and over with loved ones. Your Birmingham Skydiving Factory video will state the experience of your very first dive from beginning to end. Their full skydive is styled to present a special interpretation of the authentic experience, all the while involving music to help translate the pace and experience of your skydive. The video of your 5-7 minute skydive will be burned onto a DVD for you and your family to view at home. Still photos may be featured in your video package deal depending upon the dropzone you attend.

Must I give Advance Notice

The more notice you give, the more likely we will have the opportunity to reserve the best time for your Birmingham skydive. Much goes into our scheduling procedure. We need adequate time to accurately and competently arrange essential personnel and equipment to meet your adventurous wishes.

May I take my own personal video camera with me?

Bringing your video camera is certainly an option. Getting images throughout training or getting geared up before you start can be a fantastic way to document the journey, but taking pictures during the skydive just isn't possible given you will be significantly busied throughout the skydive. It could be lost or broken, and we see it's far better to entrust all the video and photographs up to the Birmingham Skydiving Factory network professional videographers. You'll be preoccupied enough during the skydive, particularly taking into account the fact that you're approximately 14,000 feet over the earth falling at a rate of 120 mph.

Can I have my friends take video or photos?

Certainly! Depending upon the quality of their camera equipment, they will be able to take photos of you soaring down to earth underneath the canopy together with your quick, but steady, landing. Maybe even pictures of you once you land to attempt at catching the feeling you experienced to have effectively completed your very first skydive.

Is it achievable for my videographer to get additional people in my skydive video?

The lapse of time between 2 individuals jumping produces a considerable distance between them; rendering it unrealistic to film 2 or more people in an individual video. The speed a skydiver takes on grows substantially after initial freefall. Closing the distance in between a skydiver who jumps out before you is essentially impracticable. For that reason, a videographer would not have the opportunity to record a subsequent skydiver in the video. In theory, despite the fact that a second person made it into the picture, they would be making an appearance as a speck of dust as far as visual interpretations go. Not to mention your video needs to be concentrated on you to heighten it to a more personal level. The intimate connection you construct with your skydive experience in Birmingham can only be relieved and recorded through a truly direct and angle oriented video Have a high definition video at hand to relive the journey in its totality. Give our team a call at 205-759-3483 right now!

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